I’ve been feeling so bad lately. I’ve lost interest in everything. I am so lonely. I’ve been slacking on my school work which I told myself I wasn’t going to do…. and it wasn’t one of those things where I wanted make myself do it I REALLY wanted it but now it’s just I don’t […]

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Last night was fun. Went to Millsaps, hung out with Mal and Bess (love them) at millsaps hit a couple dabs (dabs are fun) saw Douglass from middle school kinda wanted to jump his bones or someone’s bones in general because I’m a horny bitch that likes attention haha. I’ve been talking to God a […]

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My Hair Is Falling Out

I am to the point of stress that my hair is falling out in chunks. I will be running my fingers through my hair and all of a sudden a chunk just comes out of it. I would have to say, my main point of stress is Maddie. I am always worried she will say […]

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