I want to die

i want to die. Hi mom, I’m calling to say I want to die right now. I’m tired of having to live feeling so suppressed and confined and shitTY I cannot and will not ever know how other people can deal with this kind of pressure. i do not know what I’m doing with my […]

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I’ve been running more, but lately I’ve been falling off the train a bit. Last week I ran on Friday and before that it had been a week since I had run, and now it is Friday again and I have yet to run this week. Still plan on running but need to create a […]

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New Year’s Revolutions

Initiate hangouts more Make 10 new friends Love yourself become your best friend Execute Jean Jacket plan Get a Job in Starkville Find a way to study in London this summer and go Go to a Music Festival Start Making Beats and continue learning to play Guitar Make all A’s all year Have More one-on-one […]

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what will it take for me to stop feeling this way. why do i have to not change. why does it always feel impossible.

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Literally high ok so tyler sort of scared the shit out of me yesterday. he told me he loved me? The summary of the entirety of what was said was “I’m finding things out about you   long field of vision with little pieces of you and it comes out as i scroll through your tumblr […]

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