I’m sad because i want to do more. I can’t say all that i want to say. I feel contracted because I’m scared to fuck up. I’m scared i won’t succeed. i guess I’m just feeling a little extra worthless.

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Well, I don’t really anything to compare myself to from how I used to be, because I didn’t really right much down. But I can say with 100% assurance, if anything, I am doing better. I am more motivated. I am getting more things done. I am so happy for myself for doing that. *pats […]

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I wish I could remember all the thoughts in my head. Then maybe I could put the pieces together. I think I remember about 20% of the things I experience on a day-to-day basis. I keep on thinking the same thoughts. Sometimes, I think that some of my already thought thoughts are thoughts that are […]

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In Love

Wow I’m in love with Tyler. I always want to be around him and he makes me feel so comfortable. Sometimes I want to write him something, something that would make him feel special inside and so that he would know how much I mean to him, something to really show him how much I […]

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I want to die

i want to die. Hi mom, I’m calling to say I want to die right now. I’m tired of having to live feeling so suppressed and confined and shitTY I cannot and will not ever know how other people can deal with this kind of pressure. i do not know what I’m doing with my […]

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I’ve been running more, but lately I’ve been falling off the train a bit. Last week I ran on Friday and before that it had been a week since I had run, and now it is Friday again and I have yet to run this week. Still plan on running but need to create a […]

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New Year’s Revolutions

Initiate hangouts more Make 10 new friends Love yourself become your best friend Execute Jean Jacket plan Get a Job in Starkville Find a way to study in London this summer and go Go to a Music Festival Start Making Beats and continue learning to play Guitar Make all A’s all year Have More one-on-one […]

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